Mok Swee Lead Backyard gardening tips

As a part of horticulture, the practice of growing and cultivating plants is Gardening. According to Mok Swee Lead, One of the most initial steps of backyard gardening is preparing the soil before planting. As different plants blossom in different soils and poor quality soils lead to poor growth of plants, so it will be a harder task to maintain a successful garden with proper soil preparation first.

Growing a garden of your own can be extremely pleasurable and offer a nutritional improvement to your daily diet as spending some time in gardening really is a good exercise for everybody. As it has many more advantages, everybody can grow their own garden in their backyard, just sparing their leisure hours. If you follow a few steps before starting a garden, it will give you the best results.

Tips to be followed to grow your garden in your backyard.

  • Location: Selecting a location is very important to grow a garden. Choose the area where the plants get at least six hours a day of full sun. Select the location where there is water facility and drainage. Raised beds are very popular and the soil in them warms up in the spring season. Select the location from where your garden will be easily seen through your window.
  • Know Your Soil: Mok Swee Lead advice before growing your garden; it is a must for everybody to test their soil whereby the experts will analyze and suggest the measures for the relative alkalinity or acidity of the soil if any. Amend your soil with a quality compost if suggested in the measures or you can follow some organic tips if you want to grow an organic garden.
  • Less is More: Instead of planting too many of the same type of plants, better experiment with various plants and find what grows the best. City inhabitants can grow indoors or in a greenhouse if they have an interest in gardening. For indoor growing use the aero garden which works wonders.
  • Choose Productive Plants: It is a very important factor before growing a garden. You have to choose the plants according to your climate and geography.
  • Perk up your garden with handy tips: To remove the powdery mildew that forms in the garden, make a solution of liquid soap and baking soda in water. Spray the liquid weekly til the problem is resolved. Baking soda will take care of the powdery mildew and is not harmful for your plants.
  • Beneficial Insects:  Don’t  use  strong pesticides, which kill some beneficial insects and pests also. This may lead you to kill some off the good bugs in your garden.
  • Organic Garden: If you have the knowledge of taking care of an organic garden and if it is suitable for your climate and geography, better start organic garden which gives you the best results and improves your health conditions. Organic seeds can be bought locally or by giving an order. Organic gardening does not use chemical pesticides, herbicides or any other synthetic chemicals. There are many natural products to treat your weeds and pests and soil issues. These are  safer than strong pesticides.

Growing your garden in your backyard may be more  convenient and will save a lot of money and at the same time you can enjoy a good health. Start a garden by following these Mok Swee Lead tips and enjoy the result.

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