Mok Swee Lead Backyard gardening tips

As a part of horticulture, the practice of growing and cultivating plants is Gardening. According to Mok Swee Lead, One of the most initial steps of backyard gardening is preparing the soil before planting. As different plants blossom in different soils and poor quality soils lead to poor growth of plants, so it will be a harder task to maintain a successful garden with proper soil preparation first.

Growing a garden of your own can be extremely pleasurable and offer a nutritional improvement to your daily diet as spending some time in gardening really is a good exercise for everybody. As it has many more advantages, everybody can grow their own garden in their backyard, just sparing their leisure hours. If you follow a few steps before starting a garden, it will give you the best results.

Tips to be followed to grow your garden in your backyard.

  • Location: Selecting a location is very important to grow a garden. Choose the area where the plants get at least six hours a day of full sun. Select the location where there is water facility and drainage. Raised beds are very popular and the soil in them warms up in the spring season. Select the location from where your garden will be easily seen through your window.
  • Know Your Soil: Mok Swee Lead advice before growing your garden; it is a must for everybody to test their soil whereby the experts will analyze and suggest the measures for the relative alkalinity or acidity of the soil if any. Amend your soil with a quality compost if suggested in the measures or you can follow some organic tips if you want to grow an organic garden.
  • Less is More: Instead of planting too many of the same type of plants, better experiment with various plants and find what grows the best. City inhabitants can grow indoors or in a greenhouse if they have an interest in gardening. For indoor growing use the aero garden which works wonders.
  • Choose Productive Plants: It is a very important factor before growing a garden. You have to choose the plants according to your climate and geography.
  • Perk up your garden with handy tips: To remove the powdery mildew that forms in the garden, make a solution of liquid soap and baking soda in water. Spray the liquid weekly til the problem is resolved. Baking soda will take care of the powdery mildew and is not harmful for your plants.
  • Beneficial Insects:  Don’t  use  strong pesticides, which kill some beneficial insects and pests also. This may lead you to kill some off the good bugs in your garden.
  • Organic Garden: If you have the knowledge of taking care of an organic garden and if it is suitable for your climate and geography, better start organic garden which gives you the best results and improves your health conditions. Organic seeds can be bought locally or by giving an order. Organic gardening does not use chemical pesticides, herbicides or any other synthetic chemicals. There are many natural products to treat your weeds and pests and soil issues. These are  safer than strong pesticides.

Growing your garden in your backyard may be more  convenient and will save a lot of money and at the same time you can enjoy a good health. Start a garden by following these Mok Swee Lead tips and enjoy the result.

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Mok Swee Meng Silver coins investment guide

The first Silver coinage was started in 600 BC by the Turkish emperors and later by the Greeks, the Romans, the Spanish and now currently in the United States. In olden days silver is used as money and was circulated throughout the economy.

There are many more reasons to buy Silver. According to Mok Swee Meng Some of them are:

  • As it is a precious metal people will buy silver and preserve it.
  • People who want to expand their portfolios, buy silver coins
  • Similar to Gold, People will buy Silver and also it can be used as a barrier in crisis.
  • People will buy silver to pay royalty.

Basic Information to buy Silver Coins:

Mok Swee Meng advice that it is necessary for one and all to know the basic information about Silver Coins before buying it. Before buying the Silver Coins, it is important to know that how to check the price, purity and how to preserve it.

  • Spot Price: The factors that influence the trading market for a trading commodity are price, supply and demand. Silver is a trading product and many investors also use a Silver for their investment purposes and for some of the industries for making in various products.
  • Checking: As of today it very easy to check the price of silver because there are a number of websites and the investors can enjoy many facilities like tracking the price from period to period, for three months and six month period and for a year. Some investors compare the Silver price with other equities like stock and securities.
  • Purity: Before buying Silver coins the investors have to check the purity. It may vary from country to country. Some countries contain 90% purity and some may be only 80% purity.
  • Dealers: You have to buy silver from an authorized or trust worthy dealer.
  • Storage: There are safe sources for gold to store; the same will be applied to the silver also.
  • Taxes: The investor should keep in mind about the taxes to be pain on Silver investment.

How to Invest the Silver Coins In the Market:

The market provides varieties of silver bullion products such as Silver Coins, Silver Bars and Silver Rounds.

  • Silver Coins: The investors who can buy bulk bags can buy silver coins because it contains 90% pure.
  • Silver Bars: The investors can buy the silver bars as they are standard and weighs exactly 1,000 ounces and there is a serial number on it, so it is safe for the investors to invest in Silver Bars.
  • Silver Rounds: These silver rounds are very popular and many designs minted on it. The investors can buy them.

When to purchase?

Mok Swee Meng can purchase the silver coins when there is an auction. For the investment purpose the investor can attend the auction and can purchase the silver coin.

A Collection of silver coins is the best way for everyone which helps in their money barriers and which can be used for the future investment purpose. Be sure to buy and invest in silver coins.

Yong Wai Meng Advice Benefits of Investment Link

Various life insurance policies are available presently. If your approach is through an agent, then you are offered an Investment linked policy. According to Yong Wai Meng, always choose an Investment-linked policy as this is your first preference before owning a life insurance policy.

The Investment Linked Policy  is a life insurance  policy, having a combined policy of  protection as well as investment. Yong Wai Meng always advice client to choose the proper Investment Linked Policy will help you get many benefits.

The following are some of the benefits and reasons to own the investment-linked policy.

  • Transparency: The investment-linked policy acknowledges all the premium allocations. This is also called transparent policy. The details where the premium is utilized can be known. Policy holders receive a statement which lists clearly all your allocation, insurance charges, fund price and your investment value in a periodic statement. Some companies send the report quarterly, whereas other companies send this annually.
  • Low Insurance Charges: Investment-linked policy calculates the insurance charges based on your age. In case you are young, the insurance premium is very cheap. They use the mortality table and follow the table of insurance charges. This means there is a facility for you to purchase a higher coverage by giving a low premium, in case you are young. In such cases the premium amount is lower than the normal premium amount.
  • Flexibility: You can customize your Investment-linked policy whenever you like and however you need it. You can top up your investments, make withdrawals and switch funds. Investment-linked policy is flexible and vary your insurance coverage levels and allow premium holidays, during which period your insurance premiums can be temporarily stopped without terminating your plan.
  • Diversification: The investment-linked funds offer your approach to different portfolios who diversify your investment and protects you against the risk.
  • Potential Returns: Having the investment-linked policy, you can earn higher potential returns other than traditional whole life and endowment plans.
  • Guaranteed Insurability: You can enjoy the guaranteed insurability by holding the investment-linked policy, regardless of changes in your health status.
  • The benefits: The investment-linked policy covers all benefits such as health card facilities, accidental benefit, living assurance benefit and illness benefit too. It is the best policy where you can enjoy all the advantages that you need.
  • Control the strategy of investment: You have all rights to control any kind of risk that you might have to bear for the investment. You have the facility to choose strategy, fund and portfolio allocation according to your preferences. In case you are doubtful about the investment risk, here is a facility to pay all the premium for a fund that gives you a fixed income, where you can reduce your risk factor.

Factors to be considered before purchasing the investment-linked policy

  • Insurance Protection Needs: This determines the type of insurance coverage you should take.
  • Risk Profile: This profile refers to your risk, which you can bear.
  • Investment Objective: It is important for you to choose the fund which commensurates with your risk profile and investment objective.


 Is Investment-Linked Policy suitable for old people?

The Investment-linked policy is suitable only for those who’s financial status is good and who can sustain premium payments. Yong Wai Meng opinion is for people who’s financial status is not good, they are not suited for this Investment Linked Policy.

Steps to Follow When Purchasing a Nissan Almera

Steps to Follow When Purchasing a Nissan Almera

If you are reading this, you must be interested in purchasing a Nissan Almera otherwise you wouldn’t be here. We are going to provide you with some easy to follow steps that will make the process of purchasing a Nissan Almera easier. There are many reasons to purchase a Nissan Almera if you checked out any of the Nissan Almera review websites it would become quite clear to you that these vehicles are very popular so we are going to provide you with suggestions on how to get a good deal.

Locating the Top Nissan Dealerships in Your Area

Use the Internet to identify all of the Nissan dealerships in your area that are selling the Nissan Almera you are interested in buying. When you have the names of all the local Nissan dealerships the next step is to start assessing each one individually to try and determine who is going to be the right one to buy from.


Find out how many years each of the dealerships have been selling Nissan automobiles and move the firms that have been in operation for the longest period of time to the top of your list. This is not the only variable you should focus on but it is one you should take seriously. The reason you should not deal with newly established dealerships is their lack of credibility. By focusing on firms that have been in operation for a considerable number of years they should have a track record with former clients.

Securing the Best Possible Deal on Your Nissan Almera

After you have located the dealerships that have been in operation for the greatest amount of time you should visit their respective websites and find out what they are going to charge you for the Nissan Almera you want to buy. Pricing does vary so you should write down the price being quoted online without applying for financing. There are people who presume that the dealership is going to give them the best financing terms may be in for a rude awakening.

When you have located a few dealerships that have competitive pricing the next step is to find out everything you can about the dealership just to make sure they are not going to give you a terrible car buying experience. The best way to do this is read the references left by other car buyers that got their Nissan from the same dealer you are thinking about buying from.


If you aren’t sure how to track down those comments, you can use a search engine and type in the name of the dealership you are screening. After the search has been processed you should have the information you need to determine whether this particular dealership is the right one to buy your Nissan Almera from. Once you have completed this initial legwork then the last step is making sure you get the best possible warranty on the car. This will take some effort from you but it will pay huge dividends in the long run so it is something you have to take seriously.